Army, National Guard Ramping Up Efforts to Protect US From Cyber Attacks (Cyber Attack)

The Army Reserve and National Guard are ramping up efforts to protect the United States from cyber attacks by adding 21 cyber defense teams and setting up a “persistent cyber training environment” within the next 6-12 months.

“A majority of what I think about every day is how do we secure our networks, how do we secure our data, how do we ensure the security of our weapons systems?” Army Gen. Paul Nakasone said during an Association of the U.S. Army forum Monday.

“This idea of being able to run a network really well . . . is foundational to what we do. And this ability to have the assurance, to have the reliability and have the operational capability to run a network is sometimes easier said than done.”

Since 2015, more than 330 cyberoperations officers have been trained at a Cyber School in Fort Gordon, Georgia. Nakasone said he expects that number to triple over the next three years. The number of soldiers trained as 17C cyber operations specialists will also grow dramatically – 250 have been trained so far.

Cyber Operations Specialists are responsible for network security and dealing with threats within the cyberspace domain.

The U.S. is one of the hardest hit victims of cybercrime – just last month a ransomware attack affected computers in 22 Texas towns, crippling key city services.

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