Google Alert – David Hogg Said Something Most Conservatives Can Get Behind (Spyware)

Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting survivor David Hogg has become a household name. He’s continually pushed the progressive agenda and, in particular, gun control measures. In fact, he co-founded the “March for Our Lives” organization, a student group that’s sole focus is on advancing so-called “common sense” gun control measures, like an “assault weapons” ban and “high capacity” magazine ban.

Pro-gun advocates frequently turn their nose up at Hogg’s suggestions. Something amazing happened on Wednesday. He actually said something that conservatives could agree with: TikTok, the new social media platform, should be used to slam the Chinese government for their atrocities. In particular, Hogg cited the Chinese regime’s refusal to allow Hong Kong to have any form of democracy.

Tik Tok is a national security threat that should only only be used to call out the Chinese government (who controls it) for their atrocities and human rights abuses.

Seriously y’all memes and jokes are fun but downloading the spyware of an authoritarian regime is not.

— David Hogg (@davidhogg111) March 25, 2020

I’m not kidding we need to #CancelTikTok

— David Hogg (@davidhogg111) March 25, 2020

Another reason I will not be going on there is because they censor activists voices in Hong Kong and around the world that call out the CCP for their atrocities.

I refuse to be complicit in the death of democracy in Hong Kong by supporting Tik Tok.

— David Hogg (@davidhogg111) March 25, 2020

Conservatives were shocked to say they agreed with Hogg. After all, we’re typically worlds apart on things, especially on guns. 

David Hogg is……right??

— Allie Beth Stuckey (@conservmillen) March 25, 2020

I never thought I’d ever say this, but David Hogg is correct

— Greg Price (@greg_price11) March 25, 2020

I cannot believe it. I agree with David Hogg.

— Carmine Sabia (@CarmineSabia) March 25, 2020

You are absolutely correct.

— Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray) March 25, 2020

David Hogg actually said something intelligent. I never thought I’d say that.

— Beth Baumann (@eb454) March 25, 2020

The world really might be ending. David Hogg is trending because he actually had a good take.

— Jessica Fletcher (@heckyessica) March 25, 2020

This is by far — by a trillion miles — the most intelligent and correct thing ever tweeted from this account. Never thought I would be saying this, but David Hogg is correct and you should absolutely listen to him here.

— Harry Khachatrian (@Harry1T6) March 25, 2020

Holy guacamole I 100% agree with this thread from David Hogg.

— Jeff B, fightin’ the COVID one bootleg at a time (@EsotericCD) March 25, 2020

2020 is turning out to be a really, really strange year… and it’s only March. 

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